The ‘Burg’ in Kingsburg

Ever wonder what the burg in Kingsburg means?


In English history, a city was fortified against the Vikings and changed its name to Londonburgh. (Later that city became known as London, England)

The language that they used during the time was also closely related to Old Norse, so it is possible that the Vikings used it to classify their cities as "fortified" as well.

A long time has passed since the Viking era, but the name ‘burg’ continues to be used for cities to this day.

It seems that many may have forgotten the meaning behind the burg in Kingsburg but that doesn’t mean Kingsburg isn’t fortified, it’s just a different kind of fortification than it was during the Viking Age. Fortify means to strengthen, and Kingsburg is a place with a strong sense of community. That’s what makes Kingsburg a fortified city.

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